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Welcome to Alumni


Present and former students of all schools, colleges or universities always take pride in their alumni associations if they have one of their own especially when that is regular rather than occasional in their activities

We’ve so far met biennially the present students barring a few exceptions. We’re going to have our 36th biennial reunion in January 2016. For a polytechnic institute, to have a regularly functional Ex-Students Association is indeed a rare and remarkable feat of achievement. Despite difficulties, we intend to carry forward this legacy.

This legacy had its genesis in 1951-’52 when the current and the former students of our beloved Institute felt the need of assembling together at a suitable place. Such thinking made the auspicious beginning of Ex-Students Association possible at the neighbouring Rupkatha Cinema Hall in Bishnupur in 1953 in which local people participated with great zeal..

Now our association is Government registered having Registration S/2L/ No. 33739 of 2014-15 dated 13th March, 2015. Our office building within K.G. Engineering Institute campus was allotted by the Hon’ble Director, Department of Technical Education & Training, Government of West Bengal in 2008. This office building is used not only for office purposes but also for temporary shelter of our outside Ex-Students and official guests.

The activities of our association are mainly concerned with the development and smooth running of our Institute, and co-ordination and co-operation among the present and the former students as well.


  • Besides all this, our Association has some special activities like:
  • Conducting meeting, seminars, conference, and training programmes.
  • Helping the habitants of Kusumbony Leprosy Colony by distributing some utensils.
  • Giving financial help to un aided Primary and Junior High School for their development.
  • Giving and arranging financial help to the needy ailing students & Ex-Students of our Institute.